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A few of us have decided to start an informal business networking and leads group. For those of you who are in business or know other members who operate independent operations, you are welcome to come to any of our meetings.


Meetings: Meetings will be held about once a month (excluding summer) on Tuesdays during 11:30-12 social hour and meeting from 12-1 p.m. We are currently rotating meeting sites so E-mail us or call one of us for times and locations.  You can come and visit any meeting for free!

Lunch doesn't work for your schedule?  Please contact us anyway, as we are thinking of adding some evening events and perhaps a second group.



Categories: Please note we are only having one business per business category in our main group.  First come-first served!



Dues: We will be varying the dues structure depending on what our costs are. Right now it is $50 to join for the first 6 months.   You get a business card holder to keep everyone's business cards in with a paid subscription. We then assess the costs of shared advertising throughout the year, usually in $35-50 increments



Benefits:  The group's goal is to help each other's businesses grow while having fun.  That means we are:

1.  Actively trying to pass "quality" leads to each other
2.  Going to provide co-op group advertising in the Sandspur and other media
3. Sponsoring this website and each member will be entitled to one page for their business if you do not currently have a web site. (YES!)


Please note, this is not a formal Junior League-endorsed activity....just a group of us who believe that we can and should support each others' business efforts, plus have some fun while we are at it!


...they did!

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